My name is Nigel Green and I am your genial host here at greenlemur.com. I have spent many years on various websites and blogs, and this site is now going to be my permanent digital home. “Hey, I wonder if that’s the same Nigel Green that did that thing at that time?” I hear you ask. Well it could be…

  • I went to Chesterton Primary School and Bicester Community College for School
  • I worked at Lloyds Bank in Bicester, Oxford and Headington
  • I played guitar and sang in, among others, Plateau, The Groovy Twins, Madam Sin, Nation of Pigs, Pig, Repony, Forkboy and Fidgety Midgety
  • I studied Philosophy and Maths at Bristol University
  • I worked on Maths and software for Heinemann Publishers in Oxford
  • I got married and moved to Milton Keynes
  • I worked for myself as Green Lemur Ltd
  • Work as a freelance/contract doing project and content management for educational publishers
  • Now work as a web developer, specialising in Laravel and PHP but also trying to find a sane Javascript framework/approach that I can focus on

If you like what you see on this site, or you think I just sound like a swell guy and you’d just like to say hi, you can contact me at the following places:

Nigel Green
101 Windsor Street
Milton Keynes
MK12 5AN

07855 488507
click here to email me.