Revamping my blog

I have been running Kirby for my personal blogging for a while now. But what with my drive to build a portfolio, and an urge to build new services for myself, I’ve decided to build as a new site, from scratch.

Why bother?

Well, for starters, I’m trying to get more used to building up sites in Laravel. I’ve done a few now and starting to get a bit of muscle memory around the things I have to do to get basic functions up and running. I also like the idea of just building the bits I need to make a site that works for me – no cruft, no unused functionality, just the bits I want. And lastly, because it’s there. What fun would it be to learn how to code and then not craft your own tools yourself? Like taking the time to learn how to cook and then living off of ready meals. Or teaching yourself the guitar and only ever playing covers.

At the moment it’s rudimentary (and, let’s be honest, a bit ugly), but I have big plans, and an unexpected early end to my contract means I can spend a few weeks investing time in learning new skills and investing in my site as if it was a paying client. Keep tuned…

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