Troll Hunter review


When I was at primary school we had two books in the library that I remember vividly. One was stories of giants (which I mainly remember because my daughter also had it at school and we read it together), and one which was stories of dragons. The dragon book was great. It was quite dense text, really nice ink drawings, and was written in such a way that you couldn't quite tell if it was true or… [read more →]

Thinking about Google


Originally posted on 20th May 2010 - I've been thinking about this metaphor a bit and I'm pretty sure it's all panning out... There's this man. He brings a huge truck and he parks it along the end of our houses. It's not really in the way where it is, so no-one minds that it's there. Over time it just becomes a part of our lives and we barely realise that we've just grown to accommodate into our… [read more →]

Fly fishing for pike


I've recently started fishing with flies for pike, and I've been bitten pretty hard with the bug. I read Dominic Garret's Fly Fishing for Coarse Fish and was very excited about being able to fly fish locally. I had tried fly fishing before and gave up because I don't have good local access to trout fishing, so the promise of fly fishing on my beloved local river Ouse was exciting. I bought a… [read more →]